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maincourse at pure veg restaurants in aurangabad

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Hyderabadi Dish with the authenticated process!
  • Made with Authentic Process.
  • Prepared in Basmati Rice only.
  • Filled with rich ingredients.
desert at veg hotels in aurangabad

Qubani Ka Meetha

Taste the Sweet!
  • A popular dessert of Hyderabadi cuisine.
  • Made with rich apricots.
  • Served hot with delicious Malai.
dreams pure veg restaurants in Aurangabad soups


Enjoy The Soup Delicacies!
  • Delicious and Mouthwatering
  • Suited For Starters
  • Enjoy Anytime of The Day
dreams pure veg restaurants in aurangabad sizzlers


Rejoice with Our Sizzlers!
  • Authentic Veg. Sizzlers.
  • Served hot and fresh.
  • Made with organic vegetables.
dreams pure veg restaurants in aurangabad drinks


Delight in the Drinks !!!
  • Exotic drinks that will freshen’ up your mood.
  • Made with organic ingredients.
  • No added artificial flavors.
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